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The Pure 13 ~ Skin Repair Cream

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The answer for sensitive skin, irritations, age spots and blemishes, and your luxurious and natural everyday moisturizer.  The Pure 13 is a fantastic blend of 13 Essential Ingredients with Hemp Extract Oil CBD.  This proprietary blend of essential oils and herbs absorbs quickly and soothes atopic eczema, acne, sunburn, shaving, laser, epilation, chemical peeling, stress and allergy irritations, and sensitive skin conditions.
Hemp-derived PhytoCannabinoid Rich (PCR) Full Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil benefits continue with the reduction of redness and resurgence of your beautiful complexion via 13 pure and natural ingredients from Mother Nature:
1 •  Organic Green Tea Extract
2 •  Avocado Oil
3 •  Coconut Oil
4 •  Marula Kernel Oil
5 •  Olive Oil
6 •  Lavender Oil
7 •  Peppermint Oil
8 •  Kale Extract
9 •  Chlorella Extract
10 •  Wheatgrass Extract
11 •  Shea Butter
12 •  Spirulina Extract
13 •  Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract = CBD

This pure combo rejuvenates the skin’s barrier by emulsifying tissue, while reducing transepidermal water loss.  Loaded with antioxidants, these organic extracts treat acne and slow down the aging of skin cells by eliminating free radicals and creating the ultimate protective layer.  It's your lucky 13 skin cream.
Use twice daily over the entire face, or body, as needed.

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