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How To Choose Your CBD Products

CBD Overview 

Pure Hermosa wants to make sure our customers are happy and comfortable when purchasing and using and purchasing our products. So, we want to educate our Loyal Customers on our products and CBD in general. One thing we all struggle with is finding accurate information when it comes to hemp and CBD products. Here we explain what CBD Oil is, why you should use CBD, how to find a quality product, how much someone should take, and what a consumer should stay away from. CBD is an amazing substance and can help consumers with many issues and illnesses. First, we will dive into the “what is CBD?”  

What is CBD Oil? 

Endocannabinoid System Map For CBD Oil Usage

CBD, cannabidiol, is derived from hemp or cannabis plant. Pure Hermosa’s CBD is processed from the hemp plant but to understand CBD further, one has to understand the Endocannabinoid System (“ECS”). The human body is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors which make up the ECS. As you can see, the body is made up of 11 CB1 and CB2 receptors.  

So how does this affect our bodies and how does it help?  

Well, Endocannabinoid System (“ECS’) keeps our bodies homeostasis or balance. This helps our moods, sleep cycle, metabolism, hormones, immune tissues, and much more. ECS works best when an individual has a steady intake of cannabinoids which the body makes some (endocannabinoids), but others are provided by the plant (Phytocannabinoids). So, making sure our ECS is working at maximum efficiency can make our daily lives much easier and effective.  

How Can I Use CBD?  

The quick answer is low and slow. You should start with a small dosage and work yourself into it. This way you can feel and see the effects of the product. As Bloom and Oil put it, “CBD is not a one size fits all” type of product.  

Science hasn’t established formal guidelines yet, which can make things confusing and intimidating for new users. So, we urge our consumers and customers to start off with the lowest dosage to see how it affects them personally. Each person can react differently to CBD oil products due to many factors such as size, age, gender, experience, and product type. Also, you want to consider what concentration you want in your CBD skin care products, as compared to your Hemp CBD Rub for pain, and your hemp seed oil for face wrinkles, or Melatonin CBD spray. Each CBD product’s concentration matters for what you are using it for and the level of your needs, matched with your current health. 

Factors That Can Effect CBD Dosing 

Size: People who are smaller in height and weight could use a smaller dosage to feel the effects.  For instance, a smaller person can use a lower concentration of Hemp Extract CBD Oil Drops. 

Age: Older consumers may need smaller dosages because their metabolism slows down. In addition, all consumers should confide in a doctor before taking CBD if they are prescribed multiple prescription drugs.  If we don’t want to ingest something, we may fare better with a topical Hemp Muscle Rub in controlled smaller areas. 

Gender: Males typically have a faster metabolism than females due to the hormone testosterone, so men could need higher dosages than women to feel the same effects.  

Product Type: Finally, the type of product matters from topical creams, tinctures, vapes, and edibles. The way we ingest CBD can have quicker effects than others. In addition, Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate can have different effects on consumers.  

Please check out our Dosage Chart before consuming any CBD product. Before taking CBD, you should speak with your healthcare provider to make sure it is right for you. People taking daily medication should make sure there are no side effects when mixing drugs.   

What's The Difference Between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & CBD Isolate?

Full Spectrum CBD Oils will contain small traces (typically the legal limit, 0.3%, or below) of all the compounds of the hemp or cannabis plant. These compounds could be CBD, THC, THCA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and so on. If the product description has Full Spectrum CBD then there will be small traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”). THC is known as the main psychoactive ingredient, which substance can cause people to get “high”. On the other hand, Broad Spectrum products do not have traces of THC.  

Broad Spectrum CBD Oils do not contain THC but may have traces of other molecules from the cannabis or hemp plant such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and more. These molecules are good for the ECS as well and interact differently with your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Broad-spectrum products are great alternatives for those not wanting to use or consume THC. 

CBD Isolate is exactly what you think, it's solely CBD in the product. You will not see any additional molecules in the product. So, when buying CBD Isolate, make sure the COA shows only CBD and no traces of other molecules. This will interact with your CB1 and CB2 receptors.     

What Is The Difference Between CBD & THC?  

What about the cannabis and hemp plants? The most common question Pure Hermosa gets asked is, “Does CBD get you high”?  

Hemp vs Marijuana Plant For CBD Oil

The short answer is no. CBD does not have intoxicating effects and is not psychoactive. However, consumers should be aware of the products they are purchasing. Every CBD seller should have Certificates of Authenticity (“COA”). A COA will show you what cannabinoids are in the product. If the COA shows traces of THC then that is a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract product. If THC is found in the product, then it can cause a user to become high. 

CBD can be taken daily without getting you high or stoned. It will assist you with your daily lifestyle and remove some of the additional stress you face during the day. THC on the other hand can make consumers slow, sluggish, and tired due to the side effects. However, mixing CBD and THC in small dosages can be extremely beneficial and effective for the ECS.  

Why Use CBD Oil? 

Why do you want to use CBD and is CBD right for you? What are the potential benefits of taking CBD?  

Clearly, it must have a positive side effect for consumers since so many people use it and attest to its therapeutic benefits. So, let's dive into why CBD is good for people and pets.   

With some preliminary research and testimonials, CBD has some potential health benefits such as pain and anxiety. However, research and studies have shown that CBD can treat two rare forms of epilepsy. That’s amazing! Epilepsy is when nerve cells activity in the brain is disrupted which can cause seizures. CBD has shown to be effective in reducing seizures in some people with epilepsy due to the ECS. 

What else can CBD treat or help with?  

Many have had great experiences using CBD to counter anxiety, depression, acne, pain, and inflammation.  CBD is also an effective anti-aging skincare serum beloved by all because of its proven results.  But, the most common use for CBD is pain relief. We experience pain relief when using CBD because we are impacting our endocannabinoid receptors activity which reduces inflammation. CBD is the most potent anti-inflammatory with no negative side effects. 

Acne affects 9% of the population. Since CBD reduces inflammation, it can help reduce acne breakout and soothe the skin. Studies have shown that CBD oil for acne can also restore damaged skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

The hardest thing about CBD and CBD brands is finding the right one for you. Everyone and their mothers have started a CBD brand, so how do you know which is a good or bad brand/ product. Well, there are some things you should look out for when looking at CBD companies and their products.  

What to Avoid in CBD Oil Products

Run, and I mean run the opposite way from any seller who cannot provide a third party testing COA (Certificate of Analysis) for their product. Never look back!  These Certificates of Analysis help you, the consumer, ensure you are buying quality CBD products. But have no fear, Pure Hermosa has you covered, and all our product is independent third party lab tested. You can find our COA’s on our site and we will happily share a copy with you if requested. 

Also, if companies are telling their products are Broad Spectrum but you see THC in their COA’s, run for the hills. These companies are falsely advertising their products which consumers should be warry about.  

How is the company sourcing their CBD which they infuse into their finished goods? Is it sourced in the US? China? Other countries?  

China certainly has the best pricing however the quality could be sub or below par. Plus, all the hazardous chemicals they could be using in their plant base material. The regulation for China is much different for USA products, so a big factor for Pure Hermosa is making sure our product is sourced domestically and is U.S. Grown Hemp. Our flower comes from sustainably run family farms in Oregon and Colorado. 

How is the CBD oil extracted from the plant? What method of extraction is being used? 

There are several ways in which CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant. The least expensive extraction method using solvent can also be the most dangerous as there is the risk of solvent residue making its way into the final product. We prefer the more expensive but more advanced method of CO2 extraction. The CO2 extraction method produces a more premium product and also has a much lower chance of contaminants. 

Sourcing Hemp Material 

Sourcing Hemp Material For CBD Oil
Pure Hermosa product is grown in the USA, is organically grown, has no GMOs, and is Good Manufacturing Practicing (“GMP”) certified. This way we are providing and delivering a quality product we can rely on, and our consumers can trust. The farms that we source our full-spectrum hemp seed oil from are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations. 

Here at Pure Hermosa, we strive to provide quality products time and time again. This way our customers can trust and rely on us to deliver a reliable product every time they purchase.  

Please feel free to check out some of our high-quality CBD products including pain relief rubs, CBD Sleeping Spray, and CBD Hemp Seed Oil Drops below! They will not disappoint and will have you coming back for more!  


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