COAs ~ Certificates Of Analysis – Pure Hermosa

COAs ~ Certificates Of Analysis

Pure Hermosa's manufacturers test for EFFICACY, so you know you are getting Full-Spectrum CBD that really has the concentration of Cannabidiol that you are paying for, and PURITY, so you know there are no harmful bacterias, or pesticides.  Tests are run at each new batch of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil. 

Pay attention to Certificates of Analysis for any product you use.  Proving Efficacy + Purity of Pure Hermosa Ingredients is our priority, and responsibility to you.

~ As tests are being run frequently, we will update every time a new test is run.  Thank you for caring about Quality, Tested + Pure CBD.  See below for 2 Test Results, from our oil supplier, and also manufacturer of topicals, of the latest batch of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil used in Pure Hermosa Products.  

We are happy to share with you these results and teach you what you need to know and look for in all quality CBD products.  Click Here.


We love that you care about your health + we thank you for trusting us, and using Pure Hermosa products.

~ The Pure Hermosa Team