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CBD COAs ~ Certificates Of Analysis

Pure Hermosa's manufacturers test for EFFICACY, so you know you are getting Full-Spectrum CBD that has the concentration of Cannabidiol that you are paying for, and PURITY, so you know there are no harmful bacteria or pesticides. Testing happens for each new batch of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil.  

Pay attention to Certificates of Analysis for any product you use. Proving Efficacy + Purity of Pure Hermosa Ingredients is our priority and responsibility to you. 

~ As tests are being run often, we update COAs every time a new test is run  

We care deeply about quality, efficacy, and safety and getting a high-quality product to you that is Tested + Pure CBD by Green Scientific Labs. Below you'll find links to the 3rd Party Testing Results run by our manufacturer for the latest batch of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD Oil used in Pure Hermosa Products 

To View Pure Hermosa Certificates of Analysis: CLICK HERE 

Pure Hermosa CBD COA (Certificate Of Analysis) 

WHAT IS A COA (Certificate Of Analysis)? 

A CBD certificate of analysis (COA) is a third-party lab report on a product’s contents and chemical makeup. For Hemp Extracts, a COA reports on the cannabinoid content, terpene, and common contaminant profile of CBD products. COAs verify that the contents of the product match how it's advertised. Reports are important to verify that hemp plant extracts have less than 0.3% THC by weight, as determined by the definition of Industrial Hemp lawsAlso, tests check for dangerous compounds, such as heavy metals, or pesticides and ensure the safety of the consumers. 


A study conducted in 2017 by the American Medical Association found that a large percentage of online CBD products are not labeled correctly by showing that they have substantially more of the active ingredient CBD than advertised. For nutraceutical applications, exact potency and ingredients are very important. For instance, manufacturers might claim a CBD product contains no THC, or a certain potency in their product, and are dishonestIt is a major issue for people who are choosing a high-quality product without THC, to avoid its psychoactive side effects or pass a drug test for a jobUntil the cannabis industry is a regulated industry with set industry standards, it is difficult for customers to know exactly what they are paying for. This third-party testing helps customers to know what they are getting. 

Labels can be misleading, especially when selling products online to a customer who does not yet know the science behind CBD. So COAs and safety testing are standard practice for reliable, law-abiding CBD manufacturers. They create transparency for consumers as well as regulators to clearly identify exactly what is and is not inside a given hemp extract.  When you’re entrusting a company with CBD oil for anti-aging, CBD skin serum for a restorative skin care product, pain relief hemp muscle rub that you massage into your skin, and hemp plant oil drops and melatonin CBD spray you ingest, you want to be sure the label is correct. 


Most companies proudly include COAs on their website and provide them to customers upon request.  You want to make sure their certificates of analysis are up to date, by checking the date on the certificate. Typically a new test batch is run every couple of months.   

Also, QR codes are on every package, as several states have already passed laws that demand this. A reliable company includes QR codes on its packaging for transparency and makes it easy for you to find this information. At Pure Hermosa a QR Code is on every product – just scan it and easily check all information. You use your phone camera to scan the code on the package and you'll immediately link to the COA specific to the product. 


First cross-check that the company performing the lab test is not the same company selling the product. This is a ‘third party’ test and to ensure transparency in the results. If testing is done by the company that sells the product, there may be a biased report. 

Then looks for the data on cannabinoid profile, heavy metal, and pesticide analysis of the hemp extract oil. 


The cannabinoid profile of the sample lists the variety of cannabinoids detected and their concentration. This is the most important section of the COA because it tells you exactly which active cannabinoids are present and at what potencyThe ID column shows cannabinoids tested for D9-THC, the psychoactive component which must be lower than .3 weight % for it to be legal 

"ND" or "non-detect" means there is such a minuscule amount -if any at all - that the laboratory instruments could not quite register it, or detect it  

THC-Free broad spectrum hemp oils should have CBD, other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBN, but non-detect levels of THCFull-spectrum hemp extracts have many cannabinoids including D9-THC if the THC weight % is below 0.3%. 


Ingestion of heavy metals in amounts exceeding safe established levels can be detrimental to your health. First look for the tested concentration level of each heavy metal listed. This tells you how much of each is present. The second item to review is the Ingestion column under the Use Limits.  This is the highest amount considered safe to consume and the concentration level should always be far below the ingestion use limit.  


Another report in the COA is the pesticide analysis, which lists common pesticides tested.  LLD stands for the “lower limit of detection” and the ‘Limits’ column notes the max amount allowed for safe consumption based on established regulationsThese values may vary depending on the specific state or federal guidelines identified in the report.  The ‘Status’ column says PASS if the sample is under the legal limit, or it says NO PASS if the levels are above the limit. This is key information on the product's safety.  


The terpene analysis profile shows which terpenes were detected and the relative amount of each by weight percentage. Terpenes are what give hemp products their unique flavors and aromas. The variation and amount can give you information on how it may smell and taste.  

Heavy metal and pesticide analysis are used to ensure the hemp and cannabis plant is grown safely and its extract is safe for consumption 


  • Too Much/Too Little THC 

  • Full Spectrum Products Missing Cannabinoids 

  • Not Completed by A Third-Party 

  • Didn’t Receive COA 

  • COA Doesn't Match Product 


At Pure Hermosa, we love that you care about your health + we thank you for trusting us and using our tested, tried, and true, natural + effective full-spectrum hemp extract oil products, skincare serum, anti-aging CBD oil, CBD sleep spray, with no negative side effects. 

~ The Pure Hermosa Team