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How To Use CBD for Faster Muscle Recovery

CBD is known for fantastic benefits like anxiety-relief, better sleep and positively supporting a myriad of major issues like severe pain and even cancer healing, as per the American Cancer Society.  Of the day to day relief you can get naturally from CBD, muscle recovery is one of the top uses.  CBD has been scientifically shown to help us recover faster from workouts.  And who wouldn't need that?

We are sore from workouts for days, and it's sometime debilitating and interrupts our workout schedule and side tracks us from those goals.  The soreness is a result of microscopic damage to the muscle fibers.  The muscles become inflamed, which triggers our body to respond and repair, and causes the soreness and makes us stiff unable to continue to exercise and play at our optimum levels.  Kind of defeating the purpose of working it hard in the first place.  But now there's a solution.

You know from our website what CBD is and the efficacy and safety of it.  Also, the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from the prohibited substance list in 2018, so your medals are safe.  So slather it on and recover faster because as it's one of the most potent anti-inflammatories according to a National Institutes of Health Study from 2009, CBD will quickly decrease that painful inflammation.

The best, cleanest way in our opinion, is to do a double whammy of CBD - orally and topically.  Take an higher concentration, like a 750mg or 1000mg, 1ml dropper serving of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract oil tincture  under your tongue, sublingually, and hold it for 30 seconds up to a few minutes.  Whatever your preference, but longer can help with absorption in to your bloodstream and quicker results.  Then for that double whammy treatment, rub on a great hemp rub topical pain cream.  Since CBD is a subjective chemical it's up to you to pay attention to how it's working for you, and increase or decrease your dosage.  Here's our dosage chart based on Weight and Issue Severity to help you get started. 

So go for it all - work out hard and recover faster!  CBD is natural with no negative side effects and truly a healthy answer to pain, inflammation and muscle fatigue.  Finally we are able to use it - so use it we will!

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