Pure Hermosa - Pure Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil

Pure Hermosa - Pure Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil

CBD oil is all the rage nowadays, especially among people looking for healthy alternatives for certain medications. There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing your CBD oil, like quality, purity and brand.

 But one of the most important things to look out for is whether the product is a Full Spectrum CBD oil or some other variation.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full Spectrum CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the plant. High quality Full Spectrum CBD oil usually contains a large amount of CBD and small amounts of minor cannabinoids.

Benefits of Full Spectrum CBD oil

There is still much research to be done on the health benefits of CBD oil, but early studies suggest that Full Spectrum CBD oil may aid in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Treating arthritis
  • Treating anxiety
  • Relieving PTSD symptoms
  • Improving sleep


Pure Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil


What to look for

CBD was only made legal in the US in 2018. Since then, the market has been flooded with CBD based products, making it easier than ever for consumers to access.  Unfortunately, there are not yet formal regulations in place for testing and labeling CBD products, and so some caution must be exercised when making a purchase.  Pure Hermosa Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil is 3rd Party tested for efficacy and purity and the Certificates of Analysis  (COAs), are always available on our site. Any brand you purchase from us should gladly be sharing these. Pure Hermosa's manufacturers test for EFFICACY, so you know you are getting Full-Spectrum CBD that really has the concentration of Cannabidiol that you are paying for, and PURITY, so you know there are no harmful bacterias, or pesticides. Tests should be run at each new batch of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract CBD oil, and COAs updated.

Here are some things you need to look out for when buying CBD oil:

  • The amount of CBD as an active ingredient per serving
  • The amount of THC
  • Whether it’s Full Spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD or isolate CBD


Depending on what you are taking CBD for you want to use the right amount- so dosage is important for efficacy.  You also want to be sure what we say is in the product is true.  So if the product says 1000mgs of CBD oil, our COAs testify to the fact that there is indeed that amount of CBD in every bottle.


At Pure Hermosa, our Full Spectrum CBD oil is highly recommended for its healing benefits. Try it: Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil - 1000mg CBD.


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