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Anxiety + Stress Relief, Naturally, in Covid-Time

If you're like me, I never thought I was an anxious person, day to day.  If something happened that was a trigger of negative feelings then I would feel a bit of anxiety and grab my CBD Oil.  But Covid has brought on a whole new form of stress, and its symptoms, that I never saw coming or felt before.  And that's saying a lot at 52 years old, and having had a job since 16. 
Thank you Covid - I've gained 5 pounds in 5-weeks, and don't think I've eaten any more, or exercised any less, than normal.  To add to that awesome newly-large feeling on the exterior, I get brain fog by 3pm so profound it's hard to shake it.  Normally I can walk away from my desk for a few minutes and reset.  Not anymore.  
I am guessing that the weight gain and brain fog are from working MORE than I did before we had to Work From Home.  And don't get me wrong I LOVE to WFH- I get to be with my teen more who is leaving in a few short years for college. I get to cook dinner more than once a week, and enjoy this great home we've created over the years.  When we first had to WFH, I thought "wonderful"!  I was going to save so much time not having to drive, in traffic, all over this city to do things I could do from home.  Well, somehow, like many of you I've heard from, we are working more.  Not only do we have more meetings, but we also have no reason to stop working until late in to the night.  And on top of it we are cooking three meals a day, and tidying up throughout.  Won't it be great to get back to normal?
What is normal anymore?  That's another fun anxiety-inducing thought. It will forth going be the "New Normal".  And what will the New Normal be like?  The anxiety of not knowing what is to come is taking a toll on our emotional state.  The stress of working MORE, not less in Covid-time is taking a toll on our physical state.  Thank you Mother Nature for CBD.  
When I start to feel the head grinding on "what, when and how?", over and over again, I grab my CBD oil and do a dropper full.  This is in addition to my usual morning dosage and my evening dosage.  You can't OD on CBD so for now I take as needed.  
Anxiety + Stress Relief 
The phytonutrient compounds found in cannabis oil, Cannabinoids, are natural and known to be super-effective for relaxing the mind, reducing stress, releasing pleasure hormones, and a sense of calm.  And there's lots of studies to back this up- with more and more happening as we speak.  Here's the National Institutes of Health studies from October, 2015.  Yes that's right CBD has been proven to help with our symptoms for years.  And it goes in to WHY it works.  It also helps you to attenuate the reaction you have to what seems like a threat- so your negative response to a thought or action, is alleviated and CBD helps to retrain your brain and emotional response so the benefits to stress response is residual.  That is why they are having great success with CBD and PTSD.  
What is also helping over the past week is getting up in the morning and not jumping right in to work.  Like Pre-Covid I'm getting back to exercising first.  I also was on an excellent webinar by Inc. Magazine this morning with brain-coach, Jim Kwik, who said we have to stop picking up our phones for the first 30 minutes after we wake.  He says it teaches us a negative practice of just reacting to everything coming at us.  I've been looking for a reason to implement that with my partner for years now. I miss the "pillow-talk" that status quo before the smartphone came about a decade ago.  I'll let you know how that goes.
I'm taking more walks, sometimes two times a day, on top of getting in 20 to 45-minutes of either Peloton, or a workout app.  It's hard to motivate and get started but I am ALWAYS feeling great when that quick walk or workout is done.  
Wouldn't it be great to be in better shape when we get to hit the beaches again?  That is the goal.  So find your sense of peace + calm and health in this Covid-time. And if you need it we are here to help.
~ Susan + The Pure Hermosa Team

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