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5 Benefits of Hemp Extract Oil

While the many benefits of cannabis have been known and celebrated for years by many cultures, mainstream medicine has only just recently begun to recognize and acknowledge the value of the cannabis, and hemp plants. While the plants yield many useful oils like Cannabis Oil, Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, in this blog post we will be focusing on Hemp Extract Oil that contains the healing element Cannabidiol, or CBD.

Hemp Extract Oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and is extracted for the compounds phytocannabinoids that have been proven to be very beneficial for our overall wellness, as well as healing emotionally and physically. Unlike some other oils, Hemp oil extract contains a blend of many different phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes which makes it very effective and potent. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil means that it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids/phytocannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, CBA and more- all which have specific functions in supporting our Endocannabinoid Systems and bringing us, or keeping us, in optimum health.

This bottle of CBD oil, sitting on a beach blanket with a sun hat and Pure Hermosa beach bag, contains the healing benefits of CBD and Hemp Extract Oil.

 Here are some of the many benefits of this miracle oil.

1 - Helps the Skin

Hemp extract oil has been found to be a great source of nourishment and moisture for the skin. One study found that the oil contains so many fatty acids that it’s a great solution to protect the skin against inflammation and other causes of aging.

Some of the skin conditions that hemp extract oil could be useful for include eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.


2 - Muscle Tightness

Hemp extract oil may be a useful muscle relaxant when applied topically. In addition to fatty acids, the oil also has anti-inflammatory effects which makes it great for releasing muscle tension from stress and strenuous activity.


3 - Improves Heart Health

Some research suggests that hemp extract oil could be beneficial in managing hypertension and cholesterol levels. One 2014 study found that one of the fatty acids in hemp oil extract could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  


4 - Natural Pain Relief

A lot of pain associated with inflammation can be treated with CBD oil / hemp extract. One scientific review found hemp extract oil to be useful in the treatment of many types of pain. 


5 - Brain Health

Recent studies have found that the fatty acids from hemp extract oil may be good for the brain. Our brains require healthy fats to operate and since the oil is rich in these fatty acids as well as other compounds it could be great for overall brain health. While the research is limited it does look promising!

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil contains 50 servings of High Potency Hemp Oil per 1oz bottle. These drops do not get you "high", are legal in all 50 United States and more than 40 countries worldwide.  

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